Ante-Natal & Post-Natal Pilates

The thought of exercising during pregnancy can be daunting. However, Pilates during pregnancy can be very beneficial and less tiring than other forms of exercise. Pilates targets some of the most important muscle groups for pregnancy. These are the deep abdominals, pelvic, and back muscles, which are used greatly during the entire pregnancy period, up to and including giving birth.

It is a low impact exercise but also a powerful tool for keeping your body comfortable and in alignment, with an emphasis on strengthening the deep abdominal muscles which helps to prevent lower back pain.

As your body’s needs change so too do the specific exercises – which are moderated at each stage during pregnancy.

Pilates is also invaluable during the post-natal period, helping to strengthen, re-align and rehabilitate the body and can contribute towards a quicker recovery after birth. The focus is on lengthening and strengthening the muscles which is ideal for alleviating the muscular tension which arises from the repetitive physical movement of new mothers, such as bending over, carrying and nursing.

Pilates will enable you to care for your body before, during and after pregnancy.

I have been teaching both ante and post natal Pilates since 2005 and I have taught Pilates to several of my students throughout their pregnancies and beyond, with very positive results and feedback.

I am a member of the Guild of Pregnancy and Post Natal Instructors, which is an organisation set up by both medical and exercise professionals. Their aim is to provide continuing education for qualified instructors who specialise in teaching fitness and exercise to women in pregnancy and after their babies are born.